“Lucy Rose skincare” Beauty business that has been growing for 6 years

Sold more than 1 million pieces and stand out in both Thai and international skin care markets.

Lucy Rose skincare is a high-quality skincare brand that has been welcomed by a wide range of customers over the past six years. We select premium-grade raw materials and create results for customers at the right point at a cost-effective price. We guarantee safety because Lucy Rose skincare has been certified by the Institute of Science Department of the World that has detected harmful substances to the skin and body and certified by the leading international laboratory institutions such as Germany, France, Italy and Finland, etc.

Thipa Roche, brand executive of Lucy Rose skincare, revealed that “Our brand's path to success begins with our determination to create skin care products that truly care for our customers' skin. Back in the first three months, we started with 500 bars of soap which at that time we only sold 10 bars. But with the determination to drive the business throughout our time, we have begun to learn online marketing to strengthen and drive the business forward steadily. Products under the Lucy Rose skincare brand continue to grow into its sixth year. In just the first three months, our sales exceeded our target of 500,000 pieces. Our online marketplace allows our customers to not only be limited to Thailand but also many foreign customers who believe in the quality of our products. 

There are 9 products under Lucy Rose skincare brand: collagen cream, sunscreen, mineral spray, carvia soap shellfish soap, body charcoal soap, face mask 24k , face gel and hya serum All of our products are certified and guaranteed results are evident after continuous use. It responds to all skin problems at the point, whether it's blemishes, freckles or wrinkles by extracts imported from New Zealand, Japan and Australia. It is a premium grade extract that has been researched that the results are good for each product. In addition, Lucy Rose skincare products are suitable for sensitive skin and steroid-sensitive skin can also be used. Skin problems will definitely get better,” K.Thipa concluded.

For those with skin problems and looking for a product that targets skin care, Lucy Rose skincare is another option that can produce visible results. We guarantee continuous sales and users both at home and abroad. If you are interested in joining Lucy Rose, you can apply to become our distributor. You will have a bonus at the end of every year. If the sales target is reached, there will be good compensation for you.

If you are interested, you can ask for more information at 0654452258,0842493830,+353877776222และ https://www.lucyrosebrandskincare.com/th/  

page: https://www.facebook.com/lucyrose242560

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