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For vagina, fragrant, soft, pleasant to the touch Reduce white discharge, reduce itching

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Shillfish Soap 

Say goodbye to the troubles that bother girls about fishy smell or unpleasant odors from hidden spots. You will see results immediately from the first use. Moreover, it is gentle on the skin, reduces itching and dissipation without worry while creating firmer than ever.

Product details 

Shillfish Soap for the care of hidden spots especially. It contains various natural ingredients. It will deal with the worry of fishy or unpleasant odors. It stands out for its excellent quality and results from the first try. Also, it reduces itching, white discharge, is gentle on the skin and tightens the vagina. It's a good item that girls should carry.

Outstanding properties

 Solve the problem of fishy smell or unpleasant smell of hidden spots to smell fresher than ever
 Reduce itching and vaginal discharge from various bacteria
 Deodorize blood and eliminate germs around the vagina
 Hidden spots will be fit and firm
 Reduce dullness and turn into pinkish whiteness
 Use like normal soap
 See results immediately from the first use
Major ingredients

Turmeric Extract, Pueraria Extract, Curcuma Aromatica Root Extract, Giant curcuma Extract, Tiliacora triandra Extract , Centotheca Lappacea Extract, PNC Star Grass Extract, Tanaka Extract, Lanolin, Glycerin, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C




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