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Gel to wash substances, heal wounds, heal damaged faces, allergic to substances natural herbs Easy to lose, come back strong.

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Natural Gel

With the help of an excellent product made from the vital extract of German plankton, your face will once again look lovely and clear. It swiftly treats burns on the face from heat, nourishes delicate skin, and cures wounds. Additionally, it strengthens and firms chemically weakened skin.

Product details 

Natural Gel Plankton gel from Germany is an important ingredient in the treatment of sensitive skin from various causes. It can reduce acne inflammation, cool and refreshing touch with no burning sensation. In addition, it also contains natural herbal ingredients with no need to worry about allergic reactions.

Outstanding properties

 Heal fresh wounds from burns or scalds.
 Reduce inflammation of acne and acne scars
 Protect the skin from chemicals, sunlight, and allergens.
 Reduce wrinkles from acne and scars
 Manage dead skin cells to peel naturally and stimulate new skin cells.
 Enhance moisture to the face, soft and pleasant to the touch.
 Reduce the risk of melasma, freckles, and dark spots 
Major ingredients

lemon A miracle plant created by nature that is confirmed to be the best herbal ingredient. of the cosmeceutical industry Available in most skin care products.

- Protect skin cells from sunlight.
- Treat inflammation and heal wounds
- Treat acne, reduce wrinkles
- Removes old dead skin cells Reveal new skin to be bright.
- Prevent roughness of the skin layer from sunlight
- Helps reduce wrinkles caused by acne and scars to look faded
- Slow down the degeneration of skin cells from sunlight
- Prevents melasma and various red rashes
- Prevents premature aging
- add moisture to the skin
- Slow down the deterioration of skin cells Restore moisture to the skin.
- clear skin
- Heals fresh wounds, scalds, burns
- Reduce inflammation, kill bacteria
- Prevents melasma

ingredint :lemon ,witch hazel,licorice,kojic acid,japanese plum,allatoin



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