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Body Charcoal Soap

It can tackle dirt and scurf as well as get rid of dry, chapped and dark underarms with odor. Also, it plays an important role in stopping dandruff on the scalp. Just one bar of charcoal soap will give your skin smooth and clear again without applying lotion.

Product details 

This Body Charcoal Soap is packed with various natural ingredients, tackles impurities on the body, softens the skin, treats acne on the back completely. People who have dry skin problems, just use this bar of soap to maximize skin moisture ever.

Outstanding properties

Manage dirt on the skin thoroughly and reduce the origin of acne on the back.
  Manage dead skin cells to peel off to fill new skin cells, smooth, clear, attractive.
Reduce skin problems around the dark neck and foldable joint, even if you are overweight it is not a problem.
  Completely inhibit dandruff.
  Protect dark armpits against bad odor and no need to apply roll-on.
  Eliminate 99.99% bacteria, heat rash, rash and itching from humidity.
 Deodorize and add freshness to those around you.
Major ingredients

Bamboo Charcoal, Coffee, Goat Milk Extract, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Lanolin, Glutathione, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C



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